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We are able to bring large decks to your property or repair your deck if it is in need of some help. Call Deck Builders Wichita KS today to get set up with your first consultation.

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Welcome to the lovely company we call Deck Builders Wichita KS. Here we have so much knowledge and passion. We love to create a home away from your home only seconds outside your back door.

Your deck can have so many different options of material that we use and also the style of deck you are going for. We are the best at being your guide, so stop your searching for “deck builders near me”.

About Deck Builders Wichita KS

As your Wichita deck builders, it is our goal to build you a deck that is both aesthetically pleasing and very practical. We make it practical by taking into account what you want it to look like and have included as well as make it safe.

Your search for “deck contractors near me” can end here. We are deck contractors that are licensed and bonded. You can have peace with even us being your pool deck builders.

We have experience not only building decks for your home but also for your pools, hot tubs, and more. We are very well-rounded in our knowledge of decking Wichita KS.

A deck is a great way to tie in your landscaping and make it all look like smooth transitions. It is our goal to always keep a very professional look and communication with our customers.

We are happy to build you a porch that you want with no judgment and with enthusiasm. If you are all about using recycled and materials that are friendly to the environment, then so are we. If you are all about using materials that are the best fire-rated, then so are we.

We are your “local deck builders” that are reliable. We are able to turn your idea in your mind into reality on your property.

We Choose Us For Your Decks Wichita KS

When you are searching for “deck companies near me” and “deck construction near me”, what is it you are looking for? Are you looking for a company that has a solid reputation, a clean work environment, or more?

We are perfect among the “deck staining companies near me” and “deck builders in my area” that you have looked for. We not only do the best job at what we do but we do it in a clean and organized way.

If you take a look at other deck companies you will see why our customers have come to us for so many years. We do our work very organized and thought-out. We take it one step at a time and always in the proper order.

We keep our workspace clean and clean up well after the job so that our homeowners are not left with stress and a mess. Have you been looking for “porch builders near me”? We also build and have much experience with building porches as well as decks.

Call us today to meet with one of our deck builders. What else is important to note about our Wichita deck builders and our company?

  • Deck Builders Wichita KS does our work with safety as our top priority
  • We make sure to measure and remeasure so that the lines and fits are perfect
  • We take whatever amount of time your deck needs to look incredible
  • We offer a range of features that you can add to your deck to make it more comfortable and welcoming

What Is The Process Like?

There are many steps when building a deck. We know all the steps and do them for you, so you do not need to stress about getting every step done. We will get the codes, and permits before we begin.

We will walk with you through your area and get a good idea of what it is you would like done for your deck or porch. We will then create a plan. A step by step of what we will do and a design for your deck.

wichita deck installers

We use the best materials so that you can rest assured that they will hold up well for many years. We know the correct way to anchor your deck so ensure it is to code, safe, and looks good.

We make sure you love the look of the design and see if there is anything you would like to change or add. It is very important to us that you are a huge part of designing and giving us the okay and go-ahead.

You are our customer and we will do what we need to meet your needs. We are your advocate when getting materials and prepping the space all out. You can be sure that by the end of working with us, you will have a quality deck that you love.

Our Services

When it comes to decking, there is no one-type-fits-all. Everyone has a very different and unique style and preference. This is why we do deck staining, deck painting, and different types of deck build. There are so many ways to make a deck custom to the exact way that you want.

wichita deck building

Wood Decking

Wood decking also comes in many colors and types. There are some wood options that will give you a stronger and more sturdy deck than others. To keep your deck looking beautiful and in good condition, you must do maintenance on it once a year. This will keep your deck lasting much longer than it otherwise would.

wichita deck repair

Deck Repair Wichita KS

When we come and take a look at the repairs that you are needing they may be telling us something. When your deck is beginning to have small cracks it may be a sign that your deck is ready for a new stain or paint.

If you have boards that need to be replaced we can do that. We can also remove damage growth if that is happening on your deck. Whatever you need for repairs we have got your back.

wichita deck contractor deck railings

Deck Railings

We figure the height of the railing by what the code says we must meet based on how high off the ground the deck is. We can do railings from wood, aluminum, wire, cable, and more material.

We can create a deck that looks contemporary, farmhouse, modern, or traditional. The type of railing that you choose for us to install will change the look to how you want.

wichita wood decks

Wood Decks

Wood decking also comes in many colors and types. There are some wood options that will give you a stronger and more sturdy deck than others.

To keep your deck looking beautiful and in good condition, you must do maintenance on it once a year. This will keep your deck lasting much longer than it otherwise would.

wichita decking

Composite Decking Wichita

Composite decking is made up of a large combination of materials to create the composite. It has the appearance of wood but can be made from recycled material.

It is a wonderful long term option. It has very low maintenance and will keep well for many years. It comes in many different colors for you to choose from.

wichita deck staining wichita deck painting

Deck Staining Wichita And Painting

When it comes to staining or painting your deck you have hundreds of options for colors and style. We make sure that any stain or paint we apply is waterproof. We also make sure that any stain or paint we apply will protect your deck from how it needs to be.

We take care of all the prep work, the cleaning, the sanding, and everything else when we stain or paint your deck. If you have a deck that is in okay condition this is a great way to make it look and feel brand new. This is a way you can do that without having to replace your entire deck.

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About Wichita KS

We are the largest city in Kansas with a population of almost 340,000. We are right on the Arkansas River. This creates beautiful views and relaxing walking and biking trails.

We are a city that is the center of trade, media, and culture. This means that we have great shopping, awesome museums, and theaters. We have many great parks and other forms of entertainment. We are the home to the birthplace of Pizza Hut.

We have many universities here and many sports teams and events. We have great hot summers and get little to no snow in the winters. While you are here you must also check out our sister cities:

  • Derby, KS
  • Andover, KS
  • Haysville, KS
  • Valley Center, KS
  • Maize, KS
  • Rose Hill, KS
  • Kechi, KS
  • Towanda, KS
  • Benton, KS
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is more expensive, composite, or wood decking?

It all depends on the type of composite or wood that you are getting. In general composite decking does tend to be more expensive than wood. If you want composite but do not want to spend that much money there are options. There are many types of composite so you can find one in your price range.

Do you use one brand when doing composite decks?

No. We use many brands. We make sure that the brand is quality, and has a good warranty. We always want our customers in the best hands. If you have a certain brand that you want to do for your deck then let us know and we will see what we can do. We are very open to working with what our customers want.

How long will my deck take to build?

Each deck takes a different amount of time to build. It all depends on the size of the deck you want to have done. If you have added features on your deck it will take more time to get it done. Call us and we can give you a better idea of how long your deck will take us to finish.

Can we still use our backyard while you are building our deck?

As a general answer yes. If there are times that it is not safe for you to still use the backyard we will be sure to let you know. We do our best at working around you. We do not want our clients to feel restrained by any means. We do our best to keep the construction zone clean and well kept.

Customer Testimonials

"We were very happy with the total price of our deck. The price we paid was very fair for the job that we had done that we could not be happier with!"

Teressa M.

"The explanation that our contractors gave when we were deciding on materials was perfect. They explain things very clear so you know exactly what you are getting into. We were very impressed with their service."

Dallin B.

"We were very happy to see our contractor taking his time to get it done right. He did not cut any corners and it looks very nice. We can not thank you enough for your professionalism and the quality of work that you do!"

Mathew D.

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You may be looking into “deck installers near me” to check out the details before deciding if you should do your deck yourself. Let us stop you there. Call Deck Builders Wichita KS.

We know all the right ways to get your deck waterproofed in the right way. We know the building codes that we must meet. We understand and internalize the importance of the investment that you are making. You can and must trust our deck contractors Wichita KS to build you the deck of your dreams. We will not disappoint you as your builders.

We can be your deck painters or your deck installers Wichita from the ground up. Call Deck Builders Wichita KS today to meet some of the nicest and best deck contractors around.

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